Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seascape - new miniature painting - watercolor dinghy.

MINIATURE: Original watercolor painting. "Drifting" 1:12 scale. 2x1.5" A peaceful and beautiful colored scene of a tethered dinghy in a marina with gentle reflections. I painted it for the peaceful scene. But ended up loving it for the colors. A great addition to a room box, dollhouse, miniature display or even framed for your walls in a SFA collection.
Artist: Jillian Crider.
http://tinyurl.com/pcssy84  - currently on sale on eBay. Check out my other items, too. Other miniatures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This has been tucked away, but I finally got my act together to list it on eBay. "Old Station Cat" has quite a story to tell.
The subject is a very elderly and scruffy cat that investigated me while taking photos of his home. An old country railway station that is now converted into a home, but with a lot of old station features, like a ticket office and more.
I painted him in quite fine detail, in acrylics. It was my first foray into painting 'miniature' according to specifications from the Australian Society of Miniature Artists. The painting is 4"x 3" approximately - now much larger than the miniatures I usually do. It was ultimately selected to tour galleries in Europe (Germany), United Kingdom, and Australia. So it went on quite a journey, lasting well over a year. No sooner had it returned to me, than it moved with me to the U.S.A and has been shown in a few galleries - both east coast (Georgia) and west coast (Oregon). But it has mainly been tucked away. Because it is the only one of this kind, and didn't really 'go' with others I was exhibiting.
So, here it is, listed on eBay, as it's looking for a good home.
More details on the listing. Thank you for looking.
I'm doing an archive of all my art (no easy task). Currently working on my dollhouse miniatures. I'm up to page 4.
This is a link to this page on my 'artistjillian' website:
Graphic shown above is a pictorial summary of the 10 original paintings on that page. The page includes painting details. All are 1:12 scale.
Some of these were done for themed work for miniature enthusiasts (Paris/Tuscany) specifically for their dollhouses/room boxes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NEW PAINTING: Dollhouse miniature art - tea time, tea party with scones, jam, cream and tea!

This painting is 2" x 1.5" approximately, and an original watercolor painting. One of my favorite subjects and past times. "It's a tradition - scones, jam, cream and tea." Would look lovely in any dollhouse or miniature setting, such as a room box - such as a tea room or cafe, especially English inspired. It's currently available on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291220887065?

Miniature watercolor painting of Roses.

Many of my paintings are miniature, and, as such, they can go 'missing' easily. This one, a watercolor, "North Adelaide Roses" has been out of sight and out of mind for quite some years.
I'm now offering it for sale on eBay:
It would fit nicely into any dollhouse or miniature room box setting.
1:12 scale, sold framed, size of art is approximately 1.75 x 1.5". There are lots of tiny details in this work.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Page 3 - my miniature art #M-021 - M-030.

Some initial glitches but now up and running in correct place. This is Page 3 - where I am starting to put up inventory and stories behind my artworks.
This is page 3 of my 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature paintings.

Again, you can see where my heart is - garden/old things, beach/ocean/sunsets, the art of the human body studies (censored here), and patriotic American studies for a 4th July special exhibition.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

OK. Page 2 - my 'new' website is up and running in its correct place. Starting to put up inventory and stories behind my artworks.
This is page 2 of my 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures.
You can see where my heart is. - Animals (dogs), gardens/old things, beach/ocean/sunsets, and houses, particularly old ones, both these are heritage homes. The first had animals (cats), birdlife, beaches, flowers/gardens, old things (buildings) and beaches. 

Tiny miniature paintings - originals - for dollhouse - 1:12 scale

I am getting my art together, along with the stories behind the paintings. This is the first page - numbers 1-10 of my miniature paintings in 1:12 scale - meant primarily for dollhouses, roomboxes, etc.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Miniature furniture kit EMPIRE SOFA Small Pleasures dollhouse fine quality wood NEW

For sale:

A Small Pleasures miniature furniture kit. 1:12th scale. Create your own heirloom miniature treasure for your dollhouse or room box.


Dimensions - Length: 4" x Height: 2.5" x Depth: 2" New, unopened dollhouse miniature EMPIRE SOFA kit - 1:12 scale "Small Pleasures" brand, Australia. ~ purchased approx. 2000 - 2002 ~ Dimensions - Length: 4" x Height: 2.5" x Depth: 2"
Sometimes we have the best of intentions. I was going to use this in my room box art gallery, but purchased one already made. This kit has the original price of $18.55 from approx 2000-2002 - so it's over 10 years old, but kept packed away during that time. Time has come to clear out some of my 'stash'. The wood has some lovely carved pieces to it - but as far as I can see you can stain it to whatever you want. The photo on the package shows the wood in black, or a dark stain. There is foam for the seats, but I don't see any fabric. I did think that it was included, but if not it gives you the choice of using your own. With this kit you can create your own heirloom OOAK piece of fine quality 1:12 scale furniture."

Original dollhouse painting - Savannah Swamp, Georgia coast.

Original art. 1.2" x 2.35" (approx.) miniature gouache (transparent watercolor) painting on illustration board mounted onto an ACEO (2.5 x 3.5") with transparent photo corners. The ACEO has the swamp landscape continued onto the ACEO using ink.

ACEO (Art Cards, Editions & Originals), always 2.5x3.5"!
SFA - Small Format Art (nothing over 14")

"An experiment with ACEO creation. I combined a miniature dollhouse painting with an ACEO. The image is of one of the swamps found in my travels around Georgia. It was close to Savannah, Georgia - coastal. A fun work, and quite unique." By Jillian Crider.